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Breaking News - Bristol Township

State Police Chase Levittown Man on Rt 13 who ‘Panicked’



A Levittown man with an admitted conviction record of robbery and DUI led state police on a chase throughout the area earlier this month ending with his vehicle crashing into a parked vehicle and the suspect needing to be tased twice prior to being taken into custody. 

Arthur Dubs, 46 has been charged with a total of 22 offenses, including felony eluding of a law enforcement for the chase involving state police just after midnight on May 3.

According to the criminal complaint filed by state police in Middletown Township District Court, Dubs was observed traveling at a high rate of speed in the area of Route 13 and Edgely Road with his rear tail lights out on his red Ford Focus.

State Police followed Dubs northbound on Rt 13 for about 1.5 miles as the he traveled the state highway at speeds racing past 100 M.P.H in the 50 mile per hour zone, the criminal complaint says, discovering the vehicles registration had expired.

The State Trooper engaged his emergency lights and sirens pursuing Dubs on the state highway, continuing in a northerly direction at high speed, court documents show with the suspect now attempting to elude police pursuit by weaving in-and-out of traffic. State police said the suspect crossed over into opposite lane traffic a number of times endangering one motorist, according to court documents.

The high speed chase continued through the area with the suspect making a left hand turn onto Mill Creek Parkway subsequently entering a residential area clocked at speeds of 60 M.P.H., making a number of “dangerous maneuvers,” the criminal complaint alleges.

State Police said Dubs made a right handed turn in the area of Birch Drive, leaving the roadway with the vehicle careening onto the sidewalk through residential lawns coming to stop when crashing into the front fascia of the residence and then slamming into a vehicle parked in the driveway finally coming to a full stop.

Dubs, according to police, exited the crashed Ford, started walking towards the State Trooper , who demanded he get on the ground multiple times, failing to heed the warning, Dobs was tased. The Trooper Dubs to turn on his stomach and show his hand, which he did not comply with which leading to being tased for a second time. 

According to Court Records, Dubs told authorities that he was on “federal and state probation for committing robberies and prior drug offenses.” The suspect, according to police, admitted to being intoxicated,  explaining he ‘panicked’ when he saw the emergency lights from the state police vehicle activated. 

State Troopers additionally confirmed with Penn DOT  Dubs drivers license was suspended.

Dubs is charged with felony eluding, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment, DUI and related offenses.

Dubs was sent to Bucks County Correctional Facility in lieu of 10 percent of $100,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on June 25.














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Breaking News - Bristol Township

Kayden’s Law Signed by Gov.



A bill to better protect children in child custody situations, has been signed into law by Gov. Josh Shapiro, officials confirmed Tuesday.

Kayden’s Law, years in the making, received final passage by the House last month and went to Gov. Josh Shapiro’s desk.

Officials said a ceremonial signing of the bill into law most likely happen in the coming weeks.

In honor of Kayden Mancuso, a seven-year-old from Lower Makefield Township, who was killed in August 2018 by her biological father during a court-ordered, unsupervised visit granted following a year-long custody dispute.

Credit: Laughs for Recovery

State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-Bucks) said Kayden’s Law wll:

  • Strengthen the current factors that judges must consider in making custody and visitation decisions, to make it clear that the most important issue is the protection of the child.
  • Ensure that if there is a finding by the court of an ongoing risk of abuse, that any custody order includes safety conditions and restrictions necessary, including supervised visitation, to protect the child.
  • Encourage the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to implement an annual educational and training program for judges and relevant court personnel on child abuse, adverse childhood experiences, domestic violence, and its impact on children.

“Today is a great day.  Today we are one step closer to protecting children in custody cases.  This has been a years-long collaborative effort led by the tireless advocacy of Kayden’s mom Kathy Sherlock, along with family law advocates and experts.  Kayden’s Law is finally headed to the Governor for signature and, when signed into law, will save children’s lives by ensuring the safety of the child is paramount in custody cases and that no child will ever again be placed alone in a dangerous environment,” Santarsiero said when the bill jumped over its final hurdles.

He also thanked his Senate colleague Lisa Baker (R) and state representatives Perry Warren (D Bucks) Tina Davis (D-Bucks) for shepherding the House version of the bill.

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Breaking News - Bristol Township

Falls Approves Just Under $79 Million 2024 Budget, Millage Held at 8.97




Falls Township will maintain its current municipal tax rate in 2024, while continuing to provide the services residents have come to appreciate.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the Falls Supervisors unanimously adopted its 2024 budget. The 2024 spending plan holds the line on the current 8.97 millage rate.

As part of the spending plan, property owners will continue to pay $269.10 for an assessment of $30,000 under the township’s 2024 budget. The owner of a similarly assessed Bristol Township property, by comparison, paid $1,069.40 in local taxes for 2023, said officials.

Unlike neighboring communities, Falls residents are not assessed for trash and leaf pickup.

Even with keeping taxes flat, the township is planning several upgrades in 2024. Falls has earmarked $500,000 to construct a new playground with wheelchair accessibility at Falls Township Community Park Phase II. The equipment, which is geared for youth ages 2 to 12, will replace the existing playground and will allow for all children to play, particularly those with disabilities, as well as kids on the autism spectrum.

The 2024 budget also includes a new Falls Cares blight remediation program.

Next year’s budget allocates $34.7 million for the design and construction of an expanded and renovated municipal campus, which is expected to be completed in December 2024, said officials,

“It’s been a long time coming,” Supervisors Chairman Jeff Dence said of the municipal building project, of which construction began in fall 2023.

The budget also allocates $2.4 million to cover several culvert replacement projects and drainage projects, Falls announced also.

In addition, Falls plans to spend $470,000 on four new police vehicles, computer equipment, firearms training and supplies; and $469,700 to replace seven aging pieces of equipment in the Public Works department.

For decades, Falls officials have worked hard to do more with less. For every $1 paid in taxes, Falls Township receives just 4 cents. Yet, year after year the township sees spiraling pension contribution increases. Over the last decade, the township has seen its pension obligation nearly triple. Pension contributions surged from $1.3 million in 2012 to $2.6 million in 2017, with over $3 million projected for next year, all while the state contributions have remained relatively flat, a press release explains.

The township’s Earned Income Tax, which was enacted Jan. 1, 2023, is expected to contribute $7 million to the township’s general fund in 2024, the township

In all, $78,821,601 is projected to be spent in 2024, said officials.

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Breaking News - Bristol Township

Fire Crews Knock Back Scrap Yard Fire in Bristol Twp



First responders from Edgeley and Levittown 2 Fire companies and the Bucks County Rescue Squad battled a scrap yard fire late Sunday afternoon.

Fire crews found smokey conditions in the rear of the building on the 7000 block of Beaver Dam Road in Bristol Township upon arrival at 4:30 pm

Upon further sizeup, it was determined the fire was in the neighboring scrap yard, officials said.

“Several drums and pales full of used medical grade li-ion were involved” said a Levittown 2 first responder.

The fire was quickly extinguished without further spreading or damage. Firefighters  were on scene for approximately one hour, officials said.

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