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Bucks Republicans: County Democratic Transition Team Offers Wishlist to Commissioners

 The Bucks County Republican Committee  issued the following response to the county Democratic transition report, last week.  “In this document, county Democrats have presented a vision for Bucks County that seeks to turn our beloved community into another Philadelphia. The report ignores the geographic, economic, environmental, and cultural…

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Meehan Supports Postponing PA Primaries until June, Continues with Fitzpatrick Attacks

Pennsylvania Republican Congressional candidate Andy Meehan said he supports the idea of postponing the primary elections from April until June, which is a plan being considered in Harrisburg presently.  Meehan said Tuesday he supports these measures by Pennsylvania leadership to…

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Bucks GOP Commends DiGirolamo’s Stand Against Drug Injection Sites

Press Release from the Bucks County Republican Committee Bucks County Republican Committee Chair Pat Poprik commended Commissioner Gene DiGirolamo after the board unanimously voted to pursue DiGirolamo’s proposed resolution against the establishment of drug-injection sites in Bucks County, last week. …

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Bucks GOP RTK’s Hiring of “Political Operative” by Dem County Commissioners

Bucks County Republicans are accusing Democratic County Commissioners of running a taxpayer funded political operation with the hiring, they say, of Eric Nagy, a former party executive director and campaign manager. Republicans are seeking information about his hiring through a…

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Bucks Republicans Endorse 2020 Candidates

The Bucks County Republican Committee announced candidate endorsements for the 2020 Election cycle.  Committee officials said regional meetings were held over the last several weeks with local Republican Committee people to screen candidates for US Congress, PA State Representative, and…

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