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A Philadelphia man accused of a “road rage” shooting incident from last summer, had two charges added and his cases now moves forward to the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.

In an unusual move by his attorney Angel Cintron was in the courthouse for Wednesday mornings preliminary hearing, but was not present in the courtroom for the actual proceeding .

Credit: BBPD Angel Cintron

Attorney for the Bucks County District Attorney’s Catherine Pirolli, said Cintron’s attorney requested he be sequestered for the hearing today to possibly challenge witness identifications of the suspect at later court date.

Pirolli, before the proceeding started, said the DA’s office was adding two felony gun related counts against Cintron.

Four witnesses testified, including Cintron’s girlfriend. She said she was there under duress from the prosecutors office through a court appointed interpreter.

As previously reported, Cintron is alleged to have fired a gun at local man after a dispute occurred between them about “cutting” each other off at various points in Bristol Borough on July 6. 

The victim driver testified Cintron fired a total of four gun shots at him while he was driving on Route 413 two separate times.  After allegedly firing the gun shots, Cintron returned with his girlfriends vehicle to Pine Street and forcefully entered a neighbor’s home with his girlfriend.

The neighbor testified that she pleaded with the suspect to leave, at least 15 times and when he didn’t, she packed up and left the home with her daughter.

It was at that point the Bucks County SWAT team was activated and the incident was treated as a barricaded subject. Cintron fled the area at around 5:30 am, police said, after no one was located at the residence he and girlfriend lived on Pine St according to police and witness testimony today.


Cintron was subsequently arrested after a warrant was issued by Bristol Borough Police, in Philadelphia last October by the  FBI Gang Task on gun related offenses for a separate incident.

A public safety official on the condition of anonymity said the suspect is expected to go to trial this summer on the federal case against him.

Cintron was arraigned  in February on the Bristol Borough charges, court records show.

District Judge Frank W. Peranteau Sr. ruled there was enough evidence to sustain the six felony and four misdemeanor charges against Cintron.

He is next scheduled to appear on July 15 at the Court of Common Pleas










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