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Community Mourns Croydon Man as PennDOT Confirms Work Was Done after Fatal Crash



Updated: August 26, 2023

32 year-old David Koleski father of three beautiful girls and husband to wife Nicole died in a tragic motorcycle accident on a Saturday August 12.

He was laid to rest after services at Wade Funeral Home Wednesday night.  

A Go Fund Me started in Kolesk’s memory and to support his three daughters has received just under $5400.00 from 73 donors with a goal of $10,000

On Monday night friends and family gathered at the accident site holding a candlelight vigil remembering the young father of three. The gathering of about two dozen was private and intimate, one onlooker said.

His brother, Michael posted images of the solemn gathering thanking those that came,

“Thank you to all that came for My brother’s candle lighting. I appreciate everyone so much. Be careful out there while you’re driving,” he said.

Koleski as you may already know, wasn’t struck by another vehicle. He wasn’t shot. Or like last year, a bird didn’t  accidentally strike him  while he was motoring down Bristol Pike, south of Mill Creek Road.

Koleski, according to police and confirmed by the Bucks County Coroner’s,  office died apparently because of potholes and defects on Bristol Pike, a state owned road. The question of how fast  Koleski was traveling, and where the road defects actually are, and what happened after he left his seat on his motorcycle remain open since neither the police or the coroners office provided those details.

Lower Bucks Source did, through backchannels, ask investigators for help in determining those factors but no response came.

What is  known is the young father lost control of his motorcycle after hitting a series of potholes, which resulted in him sustaining multiple fatal injuries.

The intense reaction of commenters and concerned citizens with regards to the potholes being the inciting cause of the one vehicle accident sparked further outrage that continued in recent days on the Lower Bucks Source Facebook page.

Lower Bucks Source

On the Tuesday after his death, Joe Nelson, a motorcyclist himself, and father of four, rode out to the crash site to take some pictures. Nelson while there, ran into Koleski’s widow, Nicole.

Widow, doesn’t roll off the tongue or typing fingers easily anywhere in the universe we cohabitate when describing a young mother of three. They talked, Nelson said but much  exchange was private.

She was trying to make sense out of how her whole world changed in the blink of an eye she said later.

Nelson took dozens of pictures. Sending them over as fast as he took them showing a seriously scarred roadway. The images also revealed recent patch work in some areas of the crash site.

Areas of Bristol Pike patched up after the Aug 12th accident that caused David Koleski’s death Cedit: Joe Nelson — Lower Bucks Source

PennDOT confirmed road repairs and work done the Monday after reading media accounts of the accident said PennDOT Spokesperson Robyn Briggs.

Accident Site area Rt 13
Credit: Joe Nelson

“PennDOT Bucks County Maintenance dispatched a crew on Monday, August 14, to investigate the area. Our team also reached out to the Falls Township Police Department to confirm that the incident occurred on Old Bristol Pike south of the Mill Creek Road Intersection. On Monday, August 14, the crew filled two small potholes on Old Bristol Pike for proactive safety precautions. One was located north of the Mill Creek Road Intersection and the other was located south of the intersection,”

Areas of Bristol Pike patched up after the Aug 12th accident that caused David Koleski’s death Credit: Joe Nelson — Lower Bucks Source

Briggs added there are no active or current concerns submitted for that segment of Old Bristol Pike from the PennDOT Customer Care Center. \

The response did nothing for Kolesk’s grieving wife. After reading the statement to her. she simply had  no reaction which makes sense when you read published reports on trauma response She did note, her mixed feelings about her husband’s motorcycle riding and that she herself doesn’t ride.

“It’s just not safe I think, ” she said ,”but Dave loved to ride.”

Cracks in the roadway on Rt 13 near the crash site.
Credit: Joe Nelson

And still yet Bristol Pike south of the Mill Creek Road Intersection remains a “mess” one observer said after the patch work was done. last week.

In an informal survey I asked seven local motorcyclists would they ride that section of Bristol Pike in the future. To a person they said it wasn’t very likely they would.

“Even after the patch work, it’s still a mess” one rider said.

Briggs did say three concerns were submitted earlier this year with work crews responding and competing work in April.

The area of concern, she said, was “Old Bristol Pike and  Mill Creek Road” and U.S. 13 .






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Cops, Courts & Fire -Falls Township

Two Charged with False Reporting to 911, Threatening Neighbors, Cops Say



A 911 call describing am armed male with a black handgun at a Falls Township apartment complex turned out to be false, leading to the arrest of two women  for alleged harassment and false reporting to law enforcement in a April incident.

The Falls Township Police were dispatched to the Commons of Fallsington apartment complex on Makefield Road, a little after midnight Saturday, April 27, 2024, authorities said.

Upon arrival, police detained a male who was being accused by two females, of being armed and allegedly threatening the two and others with a handgun.

Police said the women were yelling and screaming and had to be told several times to stop

After further investigation, it was later learned there was no handgun as the two females, identified as Alayna McCandless, 19, and Destiny Giraud, 21, allegedly said in the 911 call, according to the probable cause.


Police said, they learned McCandless and Giraud were allegedly banging neighbors’ doors and waking several residents, including the complainant and their family. The two accused women became irate and cursing at the victim, asking if she or the neighbors had a man? The victim told police she did not know what was going on and the two females threatened her and her son, who became very upset and began to hyperventilate, due to perceived threat of bodily harm. The victim said, the two accused also threatened her, one with a tazer, the second brandishing a knife.

McCandless and Giraud, both residents of the apartment complex are charged with misdemeanor counts of  terroristic threats, false reporting, disorderly conduct and a summary offense of harassment.

Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 7, 2024 and they are being summoned to appear by mail





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Cops, Courts & Fire -Falls Township

“Bridging the Gap” with Coffee in Bristol Twp.



If you visited The Bridge Coffee Shop  in Levittown on Saturday, there was a good chance the barista serving you also moonlights as a Bristol Township Police officer for the community.

Dozens showed up and were greeted by officers from the township who were on hand to greet the community and answer any police related questions locals might have.

Sgt. Jason Mancuso said the focus of the event was to bridge gaps that might exist between locals and the department.

Credit: FB – Bristol Township Police

“All we’re trying do is bridge the gap in the community. A lot of people are often afraid to call the police because it creates anxiety, or they think the department is too busy. That’s not what we’re here for. We’re here for the community, they’re not here for us. We want to partner with the community,” he said.

Credit: Bristol Twp Police


Coffee lovers were greeted by officers from the department and customers with young children in several instances introduced and shared a first time experience with a in person police officer.

The Bridge, which opened for business late last year and started out as an idea to create a  community gathering space for fellowship, is supported by Restoration Church.

It’s the perfect place for a community gathering such as a coffee with a cop event, said Andrea Newtown who helps run the day-to-day operations at The Bridge.


We just want the community to know the department is for them to help and assist in any way possible, said Mancuso, we want to humanize the badge and let people know we live and work here too just like the community. We will do everything in our power and within the boundaries of the law that we can.

Prior to his promotion to Sgt, Mancuso took over a case in which a Croydon family was being terrorized for reasons that still remain a mystery to many. His work, the victim (s) said, was instrumental in putting that man behind bars and is one such example this publication was privy to see up close.

Credit: Submitted


Credit: Laughs for Recovery

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Cops, Courts & Fire -Falls Township

Morrisville Stepfather Guilty of Raping Stepdaughter, Jury Says



A 33 year-old step father was found guilty of repeatedly raping his step daughter by a Bucks County Jury Friday

Cory Hegelein, of Morrisville, Falls Township was found guilty of rape of a child, statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, aggravated indecent assault on a person less than 13 years old, indecent assault on a person less than 13 years of age, and corruption of minors.

According to Falls Police last November they attended an interview with the victim and a child advocate organization with regards to the possibility of inappropriate sexual contact with an adult. In the interview the child victim disclosed the week before, November 18 and had been raped again by her stepfather, Hegelein as recent a week prior. The suspect, according to police was 10 and the suspect 31 at the time of the interview.

The victim told police that on some days she stays with her mother and the suspect in their Lower Makefield home. Police ran the mother and suspects name through a state database for address and identification purposes, court records show and they were able to confirm the addresses of both as 1 Makefield Road.

According to court records, the victim told police Hegelein calls her into his room and sticks it in. This has happened more than once the 10 year-old victim told police and as most recently as the week before.

In his closing arguments Friday morning, Deputy District Attorney Jovin Jose said Hegelein used his access to the victim to rape her for years. Hegelein had previously been in a relationship with the girl’s mother.

While most girls her age were enjoying the end of the school year, Jose said, the victim was in court testifying about the worst moments of her life. On Tuesday, the young girl, now 12, bravely testified about Hegelein repeatedly raping her in different rooms in the apartment, describing in detail the horrors he inflicted.

“This is the second time this week I have had the privilege of commending the strength of a young victim who faced the predator who preyed upon her,” District Attorney Jennifer Schorn said. “Thanks to her strength, and the outstanding work done by the prosecutorial team, this defendant stands convicted of these heinous crimes.”

Police interviewed the little girls brother who was able to confirm his sister’s movements and added that Hegelein would call out to  the victim “come in her so we can snuggle.”  Additionally police were able to find out the alleged rapes have been happening for at least two years prior to when the victim was 8 years old. Moreover investigators also confirmed the child’s mother works overnight and was not present during the alleged rapes, court records show.

The victim, according to the criminal complaint, told police of other instances where she was allegedly raped. One being while she was taking a shower, and after he penetrated her a white she saw a white substance come out and was wiped off with a red towel. She additionally alleged he stepfather showed her pornographic images on his digital devices.

Police executed a search warrant locating, clothing, towels and other items she was wearing during and after the alleged rapes. Those items were submitted for biologic testing by police to the Pennsylvania State Police lab, court records show.

Police were able to match DNA taken from the blanket matched Hegelein ‘s DNA and the victims profile.

Police were also granted a search warrant to download Hegelein ‘s  cell phones On it they found pornographic images and a video a what appeared to be a man masturbating in a room with what appears to be the same computer desk and black box, with red lettering  as the one in his home.

The trial before Common Pleas Judge Gary B. Gilman began Monday. Sentencing was deferred for 120 days as Hegelein undergoes a pre-sentence evaluation and an evaluation by the Sex Offender Assessment Board.



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