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Councilman: You’re Jack Booted Thugs & F***king Horrible for Pulling 9/11 Memorial Give Away



A Morrisville Borough Councilman sent a message to a local gun range and personal safety training center in Central Bucks, calling the operation “f**king horrible,” for a 9/11 commemorative offer that had to be pulled back due to potential legal concerns.

Morrisville Borough Councilman Scott Robinson, from his private Facebook account, messaged The Guardian Training Center (GTC) about the offer and it being pulled down last week.

Robinson wrote at 11:09 pm, on September 10th; free gold memberships for aiding and abetting, and participating in being part of the gestapo. That’s what hitler did with his jackbooted thugs…worst communist move ever, I’ll never go to your place again. You’re f**king horrible.

GTC which is based  Warminster, offered to its patrons Cobratec knives as part of a give away to memorialize the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The offer which was posted on Guardian social media platforms, however, had to be pulled down.

Credit: Facebook – Guardian Training Center

Officials from GTC said in on Facebook, Warwick Township Police contacted the training facility saying the Bucks County DA’s office ‘declared’ the knives a prohibited item to give away. Guardian, pulled the offer post and  instead raffled off a $1000.00 AR-15 pistol increasing the value of the raffle, by $800.00.

In response to the post, Guardian officials noticed Robinson’s Facebook profile picture, which shows him seated on the dais in the council meeting room and contacted him.

GTC asked Robinson repeatedly if he were in fact an elected borough official. Robinson never directly replies to the question, which led Operations Manager Chris Sfinas to send an e-mail to borough officials and several local media outlets detailing his  “disturbing comments (Copy of e-mail is below).

“Could you please let me know if Mr. Robinson’s comments are the official position of the Morrisville Borough Council?” Sfinas asked

In response Council President Ted Parker said  “Any and all statements made by members of council through their means of personal communication are made in their own personal interest and not on behalf of the borough of Morrisville.”

In his own defense, Robinson said Saturday “If gun grabbers see this (the ad and it being deleted), they’ll think that place is irresponsible and make an issue of it. Not only that, but that’s the old scumbag bait and switch move. It .They should know better then to be giving out illegal knives.

Credit: Sperry4Morrisville

“He’s just spinning” Sfinas said, when LBS read his quote back the operations manager.

Robinson, on 9/11 responded in a follow up e-mail to Sfinas, which the publication obtained, saying “I’m sorry if I got carried away with that. It pissed me off that it seemed like you were “celebrating” the fact that your giveaway was banned. Maybe I misunderstood the Email, but I hate government overreach. I can’t understand how something you were giving away, all of a sudden is illegal. Patriotically yours,  Scott.”

Again Sfinas said “he’s just spinning.”

But that’s not how Robinson portrayed the exchanges to Lower Bucks Source over the last day in an e-mail exchanges. 

“Jeff, I didn’t realize that there was communication in my delivery yesterday, concerning Guardian. Gee, they left a lot out… Nothing about an illegal weapon,” he said Saturday.

I did forget to mention to you that the message wasn’t completely finished when I accidentally hit send. My message didn’t include evening talked to you about yesterday. So, there is a matter of “context” (Robinson’s quotation marks), he said Sunday morning.

Sfinas said GTC is often targeted by competitors, and those who don’t see the world in much the same way, we do. And Robinson’s remarks needed to be addressed, since he is a locally elected official.

“Councilman Robinson’s fascist remarks and subsequent spin cannot go uncontested.”

The benefactor in the end though, could very well be the Morrisville Police Department and its officers.

Sfinas reiterated again, an offer to the borough he made to the council president last week in their e-mail exchange.

As a result of Mr. Robinson’s disturbing statements, we offer free memberships to all Morrisville Borough Police officers and at‐cost pricing for their equipment purchases in the future, he said.

Robinson is an acknowledged and fierce supporter of The Second Amendment and refers to anyone attempting to restrict access to fire arms as a “crazy liberal” proudly.

Guardian is a a “U.S. Armed Forces Veteran owned and operated business that employs Patriots who are Pro-USA, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Military, Pro-Law Enforcement, Rule, and Law-Abiding Citizens who defended this great nation abroad and at home.”

Robinson, wrote a sterling review about Guardian giving it “5 stars,” just last year.

“It is the perfect place to take a date.”he did said Saturday.



















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Cops, Courts & Fire -Morrisville Borough

Morrisville Borough Police Reports: Contractor Takes Money Does No Work, Arrest Warrants Issued for Thieving at Giant and More




Morrisville Borough Police Reports July 9 to July 15, 2024 

Theft from Motor Vehicle – 07/09/24 @ 08:40 – Report of sunglasses, money, gift cards and other items stolen overnight from a vehicle on the 400 block of Crown Street.  Value:  $1,140.00

Fraud – 07/09/24 @ 11:30 – Victim reports paying a contractor in September 2023 to do work on the home but the work has yet to be completed on the 500 block of Osborne Avenue.  Multiple attempts have gone unanswered.

Arrest/Warrant – 07/09/24 @ 16:07 – Falls Township Police contacted our Department regarding a 37 year old female wanted for Retail Theft on 06/29/24.  She was processed and released on 10%/$10,000 bail.

Warrant/Retail Theft – 07/10/24 @ 07:00 – A Warrant has been issued for a 44 year old male for stealing merchandise from the Giant Food Store.  Value:  $310.94 Retail Theft – 07/11/24 @ 13:30 – Report of merchandise stolen from the Giant Food Store. Value:  $27.58 Retail Theft – 07/11/24 @ 22:30 – A Warrant will be issued for a 34 year old female for stealing merchandise at the Giant Food Store.  Value:  $97.72

Theft from Motor Vehicle – 07/12/24 @ 05:42 – Report of money and credit cards stolen from a vehicle on the unit block of E. Philadelphia Avenue.  Value:  $200.00

Warrant/Terroristic Threats/Harassment – 07/12/24 @ 14:08 – A Warrant has been issued for a 43 year old male for an incident that occurred at an apartment on the 300 block of Plaza Boulevard.

Motor Vehicle Theft – 07/12/24 @ 20:47 – A Hyundai Sonata was stolen between 07/09/24 and 07/14/24 from the 400 block of Melvin Avenue.  The vehicle was recovered on this date on the same block.

Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft – 07/13/24 @ 15:49 – Report of a vehicle’s steering column was tampered with and a jacket stolen.  This incident occurred between 06/28/24 and 07/08/24.  Value:  $20.00

Theft from Motor Vehicle – 07/14/24 @ 08:02 – Report of a wallet stolen from a vehicle on the 300 block of Harrison Avenue.  Value:  $100.00

Theft from Motor Vehicle – 07/14/24 @ 11:15 – Report of money stolen from a vehicle on the 500 block of Jefferson Avenue.  Value:  $20.00

Motor Vehicle Theft – 07/14/24 @ 19:04 – Report of a Hyundai Elantra was stolen from an apartment complex on the 300 block of Plaza Boulevard.  It was recovered in the same parking lot with the ignition tampered with and money stolen from the vehicle.  Value:  $12,015.00

Warrant/Retail Theft – 07/15/24 @ 10:00 – A Warrant has been issued for a 40 year old female for stealing merchandise from the Giant Food Store on 07/13/24 and 07/15/24.  Total Value:  $939.22

Warrant/Simple Assault – 07/15/24 @ 15:50 – A Warrant has been issued for a 24 year old male for an incident that occurred at an apartment complex on the 400 block of Plaza Boulevard.


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Cops, Courts & Fire -Morrisville Borough

“We are Here for You and We Hear You” New Morrisville Chief of Police Says at Ceremony



Morrisville Borough’s new Police Chief was ceremonially sworn in at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

With family, friends and former colleagues on hand to witness, Rich Ciampa (pronounced see-ahm-pa) was formally sworn in by Mayor Gary Wallace. He was officially sworn on last week. 

Credit: Joanne Ames Lower Bucks Source

Ciampa spoke briefly afterwards, addressing the public and council, thanking everyone for being there and also the warm welcome to Morrisville. Ciampa spoke of his hopes of not only being the police chief but a new member of the community, which everyone has made him feel that way. “I look forward to the working relationship. I think it’ll be fantastic. I think we will move in great directions and we are going to work together.”

Credit: Joanne Ames Lower Bucks Source

While thanking his old and new law enforcement colleagues, Ciampa thanked several people including interim Chief Simpson, Morrisville’s interim police chief for his guidance and also steering the department in the right direction.

Credit: Joanne Ames Lower Bucks Source

In thanking his family, he touched on a law enforcement officer’s sacrifices such as birthdays, holidays and special days but acknowledged an officer’s family’s sacrifices, thanking his wife, and telling the crowd of her support and sacrifices she has made through his career. “…She is my force.”

In closing, Ciampa addressed the community of Morrisville, “We are here for you and we hear you. This community will have a voice and I promise, I will listen.” “……We will do this together.”

In other Council news, Jim Dillon, Bristol Borough’s manager, also introduced  as Morrisville Borough’s manager on an interim basis. This role will be in addition to his existing role in Bristol Borough. The agreement between the two boroughs comes on the heels of Judith Danko’s resignation from the role of lead administrator.

Also, in the Council news a sketch plan presentation of Dunkin Donuts, which is seeking to move from the corner gas station to across Bridge St. to the Mill Pond Center as a drive-through Dunkin business. After some discussion regarding parking, trash and traffic, the architect presenting the plan said a traffic study would be done, but was vague when pressed for a time frame. This has yet to go through the process of presenting to planning and zoning, officials said.

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Cops, Courts & Fire -Falls Township

Two in Custody after Police Chase Rips Through Lower Bucks Saturday Night



Two men are in custody, early Sunday with a third identified, as a result of a police chase that started in New Jersey Saturday night around 7:30 p.m., law enforcement officials said.

New Jersey State Police were pursuing a red vehicle into Bucks County through sections of Morrisville Borough, Falls Township, and ending in Lower Makefield Township (LMT). The vehicle was abandoned and the suspect(s) reportedly fled on foot.

LMT police Chief Ken Coluzzi said late Saturday,  New Jersey State Police were leading the investigation as the chase is believed to have started with an armed carjacking in New Jersey.

The beginning of the pursuit by police in Morrisville lit up social media for at least 90 minutes with a New Jersey State Police helicopter pursuing the chase from above and attempting to block the vehicle’s entrance onto 295 from the  Route 1/Oxford Valley Road location. LMT officials took precautionary measures issuing a shelter-in-place, which lasted for about 20 minutes and was lifted once no threat to the public existed, officials said. 

Credit: Kelly Yura – Morrisville PA Town Watch FB Comment

People on social media commented on the sirens, police chase, helicopters, and bridges closed to NJ. Pictures showed helicopters over the bridges and armed police activity on the street combing the area for the suspects who fled on foot. Tipsters on the Lower Bucks Source Meta page helped to pinpoint the actual location of the police activity, Route 1/Oxford Valley Road interchange, where police were seen loading the red vehicle they chased onto a flatbed tow truck. 

Credit: Todd Ecksel

During the hot pursuit, police and the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission reportedly  blocked its bridges so the fleeing vehicle would not escape into Trenton, officials said

New Jersey State Police did not respond to requests for comment on the chase or the identities of the suspects taken into custody as of publication time.

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