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Morrisville Mayoral Candidate Goes On the Record



In a one-hour interview held in late August at a local Burger King with Lower Bucks Source, Noel Sperry, 52 made his pitch as to why he should be the candidate of choice for the voters of Morrisville in this November’s mayoral race.

Sperry discussed his candidacy, why he’s running, and what he thinks needs to be done in order for the borough to succeed.

Sperry began appearing at Council meetings, earlier this year, as his candidacy became official. He said his intent was since Mayor Rivella has been absent from council meetings, he wanted to demonstrate he’ll be a show up mayor.

Sperry, said  Rivella has been missing in action for the last two years.

“He was elected to be there and he owes it to the community to be there for the term. And if you’re not going to do that, step down.” he said.

When you commit to doing something, you should be doing it, he added.

Sperry said his jumping into the race was a last minute decision he discussed with his wife and that was cinched once another candidate for the position dropped out of the race.

Sperry, who operates a real estate agency, and has also previously worked in telecommunications, said he would bring with him to the office of mayor, a well versed understanding of business and how to be fiscally responsible in all things.

The other important role a mayor has, is its overseeing the operations of the police and fire departments. Sperry said he thought he and Chief of Police George McClay see public safety in much the same way.

“The chief and I get along pretty well. I’ve spoken to him and we’re pretty much on the same page, in terms of wanting community engagement.  At the core, “the chief wants what’s good for the town and although we don’t have a working relationship together per say, I look forward to doing so when I am elected” Sperry said.

As we were sitting there eating Burger King value meals, a Morrisville resident approached, asking “aren’t you the guy running for mayor? Can you tell me what they’re going to do with Williamson Park?”

Sperry answered the gentleman’s questions, turned back to the interview and said, the park development is a challenging issue.

He explained his position, saying that he is not looking to get rid of open spaces, but if there is a way we can still keep a beautiful park and have more rateable income coming in from businesses and residential parts of the development, that’s something I can support.

It would also keep taxes down, we don’t have a lot of money to play with, so it would deepen our monetary base,  he said.

There is more to the design of this development, that has to happen in order for the project to get through. The levy still needs to be certified, he said and that approval will be huge for residents living in the flood plane who won’t have to pay untold amounts for flood insurance.

Credit: YouTube

There are a lot of good things that can come from the project, besides the development itself, Sperry said.

“I’m leaning towards wanting the development to happen, but there are a few things that still need to be worked out with the developer. And we as a community can get that done together; Take the little league for example, we need them to come to the plate, and say this is what we want, how can we make it happen? Instead of, we don’t want any changes to the park.

If we have a nice space at the park location, Sperry said, families are more likely, after games to visit new restaurants and such, keeping the money here as opposed to those families leaving Morrisville and spending in other municipalities.

Morrisville is a great little river town that can be so much more. I want to help get to the day, where someone calls me and says “hey lets go down to the town square for dinner. Or hit Main Street, or Bridge Street because a new shop has opened that’s a must see. That’s what I envision, and hope for Morrisville. People coming here cause we’re a place to be.”

Although, the mayor’s role on council is advisory and informational in some respects, Sperry said, often except for in vote ties does the mayor have a vote.  One of things he said he hoped to achieve as as mayor was to network with governmental officials and business leaders throughout the area.

“One of the first things I’ll do is become a member of Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce. Its important in so many ways to network with business leaders in the area. I also want to reach out to out our state elected officials to see if there is anyway we can solve some of the traffic issues we have in town.”

Of concern at the moment, Sperry said, is council’s move to add a earned income tax, which was voted down last year but brought back up on the agenda with a presentation at the August council meeting.

“I’ll just say this. Go back to the last time it  (EIT) came up (November 16, 2020) and look at the votes by council members. That will give you an idea of where things are with this.”

Given the hypothetical, that there was a 4 to 4 tie and he was the tie breaking vote, Sperry said, I have a hard time with supporting this since the tax excessively impacts the residents.  You’re going to take money from a person living in apartment, who is already struggling to make ends meet. I know the borough needs money. But there are other ways of raising cash, then implementing an EIT on residents. The borough needs to become more fiscally responsible and look into other ways of increasing income streams than by taxing its residents

“Its hard to be for something, when you don’t know how that money is being spent. Like will council reduce property taxes? They haven’t said what they want to do with the proposed money that would come in.

“That’s an idea I can’t support.”

Sperry said most of the answers to questions facing Morrisville is about “bringing people together” and coming up with really good ideas to put into play.

We can solve the borough’s issues by working together and putting political partisanship aside, he said.

For more information on the Sperry for Morrisville campaign please click here. 

Lower Bucks Source has reached out to Brud Anderson to do a story on his candidacy for mayor and at press time, there has been no response from the candidate.

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Cops, Courts & Fire -Morrisville Borough

Morrisville Borough Police Reports: Vehicle Egged, Retail Theft Warrants Issued for Stealing from Giant and More




Morrisville Borough Police Reports: July 2, 2024 – July 8, 2024

Warrant/Retail Theft – 07/02/24 @ 16:10 – A Warrant has been issued for a 44 year old male for stealing merchandise stolen from the Giant Food Store.  Value:  $285.10

Warrant/Retail Theft – 07/02/24 @ 21:50 – A Warrant has been issued for a 59 year old male for stealing merchandise from the Giant Food Store on 05/30/24 and 07/01/24.  Total Value:  $139.93

Arrest/Retail Theft/Summons – 07/03/24 @ 11:15 – A 70 year old male and 64 year old female were arrested for stealing merchandise from the Giant Food Store.  They were processed and released.  On 07/08/24 they were identified for other theft incidents at the store on 05/15/24, 06/01/24, 07/01/24 and 07/05/24.  Warrants will be issued for their arrest. Total Value:  $676.29

Summons/Retail Theft – 07/03/24 @ 15:50 – A 44 year old female will receive a court summons for stealing merchandise from the Giant Food Store. Value: $474.58

Arrest/Harassment – 07/04/24 @ 12:05 – A 44 year old male was cited for an incident that occurred on the 500 block of Wilk Drive.

Arrest/Disorderly Conduct – 07/03/24 @ 20:07 – A 34 year old male was cited for an incident that occurred on the 100 block of Robertson Avenue.

Motor Vehicle Theft – 07/04/24 @ 12:20 – Report of a Ford Explorer Spot Trac was stolen on the 500 block of Osborne Avenue.  Vehicle was recovered by Falls Township Police at 22:54 on US Route 1 North. Value:  $6,500.00

Warrant/Simple Assault/Other Charges – 07/05/24 @ 12:35 – A Warrant has been issued for a 41 year old male for an incident that occurred at Smokin Joe’s II on the 100 block of E. Bridge Street.

Arrest/Retail Theft/Public Drunkenness – 07/05/24 @ 22:45 – A 26 year old male was arrested for stealing alcohol and intoxication after an incident at the Giant Food Store.  He was processed and released.  Also, a 35 year old male was cited for intoxication.   Value:  $25.00

Bicycle Thefts – 07/05/24 @ 23:11 – Report of a Pink/White Genesis Mountain Bike and Blue/Pink Schwinn Mountain Bike stolen on the 400 block of N. Pennsylvania Avenue.  Value:  $840.00

Arrest/Public Drunkenness – 07/06/24 @ 01:34 – A 35 year old male and 26 year old male were cited for an incident outside the Robert Morris Tavern on the unit block of E. Bridge Street.

Retail Theft – 07/06/24 @ 15:58 – Report of merchandise stolen from the Giant Food Store.  Value:  $367.66

Retail Theft – 07/06/24 @ 19:33 – Report of beverages stolen from the Garden Farm Market on E. Trenton Avenue.  Value:  $22.26

Theft – 07/06/24 @ 20:00 – Report of an employee’s purse and money stolen from the Giant Farm Market on E. Trenton Avenue.  Value:  $290.00

Arrest/Simple Assault/Other Charges – 07/07/24 @ 01:43 – A 37 year old male was arrested for an incident that occurred on the 100 block of Robertson Avenue.  He was processed and sent to Bucks County Prison.

Arrest/Terroristic Threats – 07/07/24 @ 19:06 – A 43 year old female was arrested for an incident on the 300 block of Clymer Avenue.  She was processed and released.

Criminal Mischief to Motor Vehicle – 07/08/24 @ 08:29 – Report of a vehicle being egged during the overnight hours on the 500 block of Woodland Avenue.

Warrant/Receiving Stolen Property/Other Charges – 07/08/24 @ 13:31 – A Warrant has been issued for a 35 year old male following an incident that occurred on the unit block of N. Delmorr Avenue on 06/20/24.

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Cops, Courts & Fire -Morrisville Borough

Morrisville Swears in New Chief of Police, Invites Public to Meet and Greet with New Department Leader



Morrisville Borough swore in its new Chief of Police Monday, Mayor Gary Wallace announced.

A social media post from Wallace highlighted the official ceremony with which will be followed with a ceremonial event open to the public on July 16 at Borough Hall, 7 p.m. .

Wallace addressing borough residents said:

Today, I had the immense pleasure of swearing in our new Police Chief, Rich Ciampa. Chief Ciampa comes to us with an impressive 25 years of law enforcement leadership, and we are confident that he will bring positive changes to our department.

Chief Ciampa’s experience, dedication, and fresh perspective are exactly what our community needs at this pivotal moment. His gesture towards the public on his very first day made a profound impression on everyone on the council. His commitment to transparency, community engagement, and effective policing is a testament to the bright future we envision for Morrisville.

Credit: Submitted

Our borough has experienced many changes in recent months, but amidst these transformations, I have witnessed a growing sense of positive energy and confidence within our community. This new chapter presents an incredible opportunity for us to come together and build a stronger, safer, and more united Morrisville. I am super excited to work with Chief Ciampa on making Morrisville Borough a safe and collaborative community.

Let’s welcome Chief Ciampa with open arms and support him as he takes on this important role. Together, we can achieve great things and ensure a thriving community for all.

I also want to invite all residents to join us on Tuesday, July 16th, at 7 PM at Morrisville Borough Hall for the ceremonial swearing-in of Chief Ciampa. It will be a wonderful opportunity to come together and show our support for our new Police Chief.

The announcement was met with congratulations and welcomes by the Morrisville community.

Credit: Submitted


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Cops, Courts & Fire - Yardley Borough

More than 80 Police Departments across Southeast Pennsylvania to Target Aggressive Drivers during Statewide Mobilization




The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced today that more than 80 municipal police departments from Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties will join the Pennsylvania State Police in a coordinated aggressive driving enforcement wave. This collective effort, part of a statewide mobilization running through August 18, is aimed at reducing the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities on our area roadways, ensuring your safety on the road.

The enforcement wave will target heavy truck violations, pedestrian safety, red light running, and tailgating. Motorists demonstrating unsafe behaviors, such as driving too fast for conditions or other aggressive actions, will also be cited.

Law enforcement will utilize strategies such as traffic enforcement zones, saturation patrols, speed enforcement details, corridor enforcement, work zone enforcement, and multi-jurisdictional patrol to identify and cite aggressive drivers.
The enforcement is part of Pennsylvania’s Highway Safety Program and is funded by part of PennDOT’s investment of federal funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
If you encounter an aggressive driver, PennDOT offers these tips:

  • Get out of their way and don’t challenge them.
  • Stay relaxed, avoid eye contact, and ignore rude gestures.
  • Don’t block the passing lane if you drive slower than most traffic.
  • Do not attempt to follow or pursue the vehicle. You or a passenger may call the police. But, if you use a cell phone, pull over to a safe location.
  • >

    According to 2023 PennDOT crash data, there were 1,363 aggressive driving crashes, resulting in 39 fatalities and 104 suspected serious injuries in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. Aggressive driving crashes involve at least two aggressive driving factors in the same crash. Factors include, but are not limited to, running stop signs or red lights, tailgating, careless turning or passing, and driving too fast for conditions.

    The goal of targeted enforcement is to reduce the number of aggressive driving-related crashes, injuries, and deaths on roadways throughout the state. Any aggressive driver stopped by police will receive a ticket.

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