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Education - Bensalem Township

Lower Bucks School Districts Announce Plans amid COVID-19 Concerns



Updated: 5:45 a.m. Friday

Neshaminy School District announced moments ago it will not be open Friday due to staffing shortages. Private and Tech school transportation WILL be provided. School offices and District office will be open. Please note that NO staff or student COVID-19 infections have been reported to the District at this point. 

Lower Bucks School districts started to announce school closings Thursday in light of recent developments and concerns amid COVID-19, others have decided to wait for additional information. 

Morrisville School officials announced all schools will be closed for students on Friday with staff reporting to prepare for the possibility of medium or long-term closure, Superintendent Jason Harris said.

Shortly thereafter the Pennsbury School District announced it was closing its doors on Friday also for deep cleaning and instructional planning should the District need to close for an extended period in the future the statement said.

The School District also said:

  • Elementary conferences are cancelled.
  • The Kids Care Day Off Program is also cancelled.
  • All faculty and staff — including support staff — should report to their regularly-scheduled buildings or departments.
  • All afterschool and evening activities are cancelled in all buildings on Friday and Saturday.
  • NOTE: SATs will be held as scheduled on Saturday.

Neshaminy School District which closed its doors for one day for cleaning and reopened its doors, Thursday announced “additional steps” for the community.

  • All Neshaminy field trips, conferences, and District-approved travel plans that take our students and/or staff out of the District will be canceled/postponed.
  • In addition, student travel within the District, from school to school, and to other local venues will also be canceled/postponed during this time period, unless it is part of the individual student’s regular academic program.

Student Before/After School Activities

  • Currently, we will continue with our spring sports programs in the middle schools and high school.  These are primarily in outdoor settings.  This plan has the potential to change, and we will continue to monitor this situation.
  • Extended School Day Activities. Other co-curricular events in our schools (clubs, tutoring, activities) that conclude by 5:15 p.m. will be held as scheduled.


Before and After School Childcare

Neshaminy will not be changing the Kids Club program’s access to the building for their before school or after school program.

Indoor Evening and Weekend Events

All evening and weekend use of Neshaminy’s indoor facilities is suspended during this time frame. This includes usage by District groups, PTOs, and other outside community groups and organizations. [One exception will be the Saturday, March 14, administration of the SAT testing.]

Outdoor Evening and Weekend Events

Evening and weekend usage of Neshaminy’s outdoor facilities will be held as scheduled.

The Bensalem School District said it plans to remain open but is constantly reevaluating the fluidity of the situation and refine specific directives with stakeholders on Friday. 

“Closing our schools will have a tremendous impact on our kids, families, community, instruction, labor and economic issues will be prevalent and cascading. The goal is to stay open, although community spread and inability to staff our buildings or provide instruction would prompt closure,” a statement said from District Superintendent, Dr. Lee.  “As this is an extremely fluid situation, we anticipate directives may need to shift, and we will continue to communicate our efforts to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19 throughout the District and county,” he said.

The Bristol Borough School District released a statement Thursday at 5 p.m.

We continue to actively engage in planning and discussion around the impact of coronavirus, both in and around our community. The situation is very fluid and has been changing rapidly in recent days. To further protect students, staff and community stakeholders, and to minimize the gatherings of students and others beyond the regular school day program, the District is taking the following additional steps. Please remember that anything on this list is subject to change as more information and guidance becomes available,” officials said.

Travel and Trips

 All Bristol Borough field trips, conferences, and District-approved travel plans that take our
students and/or staff out of the District will be canceled/postponed. Extended School Day Activities:
 All after school programs will continue as scheduled, including 21st century programs, sports,
and art programs, as these programs are an extension of the school day. Specific guidance
from PIAA may change athletic competitions. We will keep you updated.

Indoor Evening and Weekend Events
 All evening and weekend usage of Bristol Borough’s indoor facilities is suspended through
April 14, 2020. This includes District groups, PTOs, and all other community groups and

Outdoor Evening and Weekend Events
 Evening and weekend usage of Bristol Borough’s outdoor facilities will be held as

Events and Activities:
 All events and activities that involve a mass gathering of individuals will be postponed and
reevaluated after April 14th
Access to Building During the School Day:
 The Bristol Borough School District is limiting access of community members to the school
buildings during the school day.

The Bristol Township School announced Thursday evening the same exact measures and precautions for dealing with the potential pandemic locally.  

INDOOR Evening and Weekend Events Canceled from March 12, 2020 through April 13, 2020 

Evening and weekend usage of Bristol Township’s indoor facilities is suspended through Spring Break, which ends on April 13, 2020. This includes usage by Home & School Associations as well as outside community groups and organizations. Some exceptions may be made for groups comprised entirely of Bristol Township students and staff.

OUTDOOR Evening and Weekend Events 

Evening and weekend usage of Bristol Township’s OUTDOOR facilities will be held as scheduled.

Before School and After School Childcare

The Before and After School Childcare Program will operate on its normal schedule.

Extended School Day Activities 

Non-athletic events in our schools (clubs, tutoring, activities) that conclude by 5:30 p.m. will be held as scheduled.


We are following PIAA decisions pertaining to athletics. This plan has the potential to change, and we will continue to monitor advisements and communications from the PIAA.

Travel and Trips 

We are consulting with local and state health officials and school leadership to review safety protocols and feasibility for field trips, conferences, and district approved travel. Information (including cancelling and rescheduling) for trips and travel will be communicated directly to affected students, families, and staff. Travel within the district, from school to school, will continue at this time. We acknowledge the impact of this measure as we take into consideration the safety, health, and well-being of students, employees, and families.

At this moment, there are no plans to cancel schools for an extended period of time, district officials said  adding the plan will be reexamined regularly, taking into consideration the most updated information and recommendations from local, state, and national governmental and health agencies. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) scheduled a webinar for school districts Friday for coordination with the Governor’s Office, Department of Health and Emergency Management to provide the most up todate information and guidance for school districts throughout the commonwealth. 

Updates to this story as they become available.



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Education - Bensalem Township

Reach Cyber Charter School’s Class of 2024




Reach Cyber Charter School recently held their in-person commencement graduation ceremony for 739  high school seniors. Among the graduating class was 24 graduates hailing from Bucks County. Family, friends and faculty were on hand to celebrate the graduates.

“On behalf of the entire staff and faculty of Reach Cyber, I’d like to give a warm congratulations to the Reach Cyber Class of 2024! We are immensely proud of all their accomplishments,” said Jane Swan, Reach Cyber Charter School CEO. “With the strong foundation this group of students has built during their time at Reach Cyber, I am confident that they are prepared to take on the next great adventure in their lives – whether that’s college, a job, military service, or other opportunities. We can’t wait to see all the incredible things they will do and the impact they will have in their communities and beyond.”

School officials said the students in the Class of 2024 have diverse backgrounds, educational histories, and talents, and all chose a cyber charter education to fit their unique interests, needs and abilities, Reach Cyber’s personalized and flexible learning environment, designed specifically for a virtual setting, offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, pursue their passions, or receive additional support that may not be available to them at their local brick-and-mortar schools.

In total, the Class of 2024 earned more than $1 million in scholarships toward their higher education pursuits. Fifty-five percent of the graduates plan to continue their education at a 2-year or 4-year college, 28% have plans to enter the workforce, 5% will go on to vocational training, 2% are entering a branch of the military, and 10% are taking a gap year or pursuing other endeavors post grad, said Reach’s spokesperson.

Reach Cyber Charter School Class of 2024 graduates from Bucks County:

Aisha Almroot
Gabrielle Baez
Erin Black
Trinity Brenner
Isaiah Brown
Aiden Cicale
David Cox
Alayna Crabtree
Gloria DeOliveira
Margaret Drake
Wyatt Frederick
Alyse James
Savanna Janiszewski
Ashley Mazzeo
Carter McAuley
Anastasia Patton
Tyler Pinkham
Christopher Raffa
Lynken Randt
Stephen Scott
Tanisha Smith
Leandro Vasquez-Roman
Logan Werner
Sabina Zeka

The Class of 2024 is the sixth class to graduate from Reach Cyber Charter School, which opened in 2016. Additionally, 20 graduates were inducted into the Founders Club, honoring those students who attended Reach Cyber for the school’s full eight years of operation.


Reach Cyber Charter School is a STEM-focused online public charter school for K-12 students in Pennsylvania. Reach Cyber provides students with a high-quality curriculum infused with STEM learning designed specifically for a virtual learning environment. At Reach Cyber, students have a dedicated and expansive support system of teachers, counselors, and family mentors to help them reach their potential. Reach Cyber allows students to personalize their education, offering traditional, accelerated, and yearlong pacing options that support students’ individualized needs.

Since opening in 2016, Reach Cyber has grown to support nearly 7,000 students in grades K-12 through Pennsylvania. Reach Cyber provides a high-quality curriculum infused with STEM learning and one-of-a-kind career exploration and development opportunities for students in all grade levels.

For more information, call 717-704-8437 or visit their website.

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Education - Bensalem Township

House Passes Legislation to Correct Pennsylvania’s Education Funding Inequities




Earlier this month, in the state’s government,  House Bill 2370 legislation passed in the House . The bill is designed to bring adequacy, equity and stability to Pennsylvania’s education funding system.

In 2023, the courts ruled Pennsylvania’s school funding was unconstitutional because the current system is inequitable. HB 2370 will correct these inequities while creating $136 million in property tax relief for the upcoming fiscal year and $955 million in property tax relief over seven years,  said state Representative Tina Davis.

For the 2024-25 school year, according to Davis, the bill adds:

  • $728 million for chronically underfunded schools
  • $530 million in cyber charter savings
  • $200 million so every school district receives an increase

The property tax relief, Davis said, comes from the state taking funding burdens away from local taxes, such as property taxes, by addressing the previous inadequacies in state funding.

HB 2370 is now in the Senate for its consideration.


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Education - Bensalem Township

Scholarship for Foundation A. Marlyn Moyer, Jr. Application Deadline Extended




The deadline for submitted applications to the A. Marlyn Moyer, Jr. Scholarship Foundation has been extended to July 6, 2024, said foundation officials.

The A. Marlyn Moyer, Jr. Scholarship Foundation announced it will grant several partial scholarships for studies at colleges, universities, technical schools, nursing schools, and other accredited post-secondary institutions during the 2024-2025 academic year.

To be eligible, said a foundation spokesperson in the release, an applicant needs to meet the following requirements:

  •  graduating high school seniors or other persons enrolling full time in post-secondary schools for the first time.
  • resident of Bucks County
  • academically well qualified for the school they plan to attend
  • have a record of involvement in school, community, religious and/or other activities (especially as a leader)
  • have been involved in giving service to others
  • have a financial need.  (Gainful employment may be considered as a substitute for extensive involvement in leadership and service activities.)

Application forms may be obtained by emailing a request to or mailing it to the A. Marlyn Moyer, Jr. Scholarship Foundation, PO Box 511, Fairless Hills, PA 19030.

Questions can be directed to the email address

Completed applications must be emailed or arrive by July 6, 2024.  From among the applications, the Foundation will select those best qualified for scholarships in July and winners will be notified shortly thereafter. Typically, six to eight scholarships are awarded averaging between $2,500 to $5,000 dollars.

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