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Breaking News - Bristol Borough

Breaking: Lawyers Letter to Board Alleges Harassment and Intimidation: Demands SB Pres Resigns



As Lower Bucks Source reported exclusively last week, turmoil exists on the Bristol Borough School Board, pitting School Board President David Chichilitti against Superintendent Dr. Rose Minnitti when they had a confrontation on April 30 at Bristol High School in the cafeteria.

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Minnitti called Police after the confrontation and filed a report alleging harassment intimidation sources with knowledge of the report told this publication.

Chief of Police Steve Henry said the department  took a report of an incident which took place at the High School on April 30th.  No students were present or involved in the incident.

Subsequently, the School District’s top administrator engaged the services of a personal attorney, hiring Amy Guerin, of the Parker McCay law firm. Guerin, a source told LBS last week, sent out letters to several school board officials announcing the possibility of a legal action specific to the board and it president, David Chichilitti.

That letter in its entirety was provided to Lower Bucks Source earlier this week anonymously with explosive allegations made against the school board president, however, there was no announced plan of litigation against the School District, as previously reported.

This publication will not post the *actual letter, however excerpts tell the story from Minnitti’s point of view.

Credit: Screen Grab, YouTube

Among the allegations made in the letter by Guerin:

  • Chichilitti has engaged in  “pattern and a practice of abuse, intimidation and harassment
  • School Board President berated the Superintendent in front of an employee and ripping a security camera off the wall.
  • Not following chain of command by meeting with a cafeteria employee and her husband
  • Chichilitti repeatedly threatening Minnitti saying “he has the votes to remove…”  her and he would not approve her negotiated raises, giving them to other district employees.

Guerin in the letter says the inciting event for the school board presidents most recent outburst had to do with reports of “mice in the high school cafeteria.” The attorney outlines in the document a patters in which Chichilitti is allegedly abusive towards Minnitti and subsequently apologizes for his behavior.

Credit: The Comedy Works Bristol

At the most recent school board meeting, Chichilitti apologized publically for being “pretty aggressive” with Minniti, in discussing reopening the districts schools.  The School Board President, said while thanking the hard work of the superintendent and administration said.

“If she hung up on me, I wouldn’t blame her,” he said.

Excerpts from the Letter:

“Mr. Chichilitti’s egregious behavior cannot be overlooked by the School Board as merely a “personality flaw… He repeatedly violates Dr. Minnitti’s rights as an employee, and his unprofessional conduct reflects entirely upon the board”

We respectfully urge Mr. Chichilitti’s removal as School Board President, his censure by the full School Board and mandatory training o the proper the role of school board members in a public school district,” Guerin wrote in the four-page document.

The School Board met on this past Tuesday for an executive session and is scheduled to meet tonight at Snyder-Girotti at 7 p.m.

School District Solicitor, David Truelove, of Hill Wallack, LLP, contacted late Wednesday night said in an E-mail exchange, “these issues will be addressed tonight.”

The publication attempted to communicate with the School Board President early Thursday. He did not reply to our questions when this story went to press. Chichilitti is seeking to be elected to a second consecutive term, in this his second run on the School Board.

Guerin and Minnitti  also did not reply to requests for comment.

* Editors Note: To post the letter in its entirety could possibly expose the source that provided the document to Lower Bucks Source, therefore we are withholding it from publication.







Breaking News - Bristol Borough

Sources: Borough Police Investigating Sexual Assault of Minor with Behavioral Health Challenges



Imagine being a young female on your way to a local store and an unknown man grabs and fondles you while mumbling incoherently. Apparently this is what happened in the area of the Dollar General 610 Bristol Pike earlier this month.

Multiple sources confirmed to Lower Bucks Source early Friday an investigation is moving forward with a person of interest in the sights of Bristol Borough Police.

The alleged sexual assault which included the suspect grabbing the young girl in the genital region in an alleyway close to the Dollar General. Social media posts and comments about the reported attack say store employees have been cooperating with police providing detailed descriptions of the suspect.

Sources said late Thursday evening, the suspect has a lengthy criminal record and currently has active case filed by Bristol Township Police for stalking, reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint -serious bodily injury and a related offense.

Each source is “very concerned” for the health and welfare of girls and women walking around in the Bristol area.

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A source with knowledge of the police inquiry said Detective William “Billy” Davis  was assigned the case last week.

We’re just hoping an arrest is made soon, one source repeatedly said

“You can’t have an animal like that out there running free,” another said with rage in her voice. .

If you have any information about the alleged October 10 attack you can submit an anonymous tip to police by clicking here. Or you can call Call (215) 788-7813.

Chief of Police Joe Moors did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

At this time, Lower Bucks Source is withholding the name of the suspect to protect the integrity of the police investigation.


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Breaking News - Bristol Borough

Updated:Three-Alarm Blaze Rips Through Six Borough Homes, At Least 10 Displaced, Sources say



Update: 4:45 pm Tuesday- Sept 19, 2023

The early Tuesday morning fire that ripped quickly through six Bristol Borough homes is now under investigation by the Bucks County Fire Marshal’s office, first responder  sources told Lower Bucks Source, this afternoon.

Multiple residents and sources who could only speak on the condition of anonymity said fire victims were placed at a local church.  Bristol Borough Emergency Management officials are set up there with The American Red Cross of Eastern Pennsylvania assisting,

The fire severely damaged at least three homes and with the remaining three suffering varying degrees of fire and water damage.

Two witnesses earlier this morning saw a “family of five run for their lives with children in tow”

“:It was truly traumatic to see that” the Buckley Street resident said,

Still no official word on the cause of the fire that went from one to a three-alarm blaze in what appeared to be a blink of the eye, a first responder on scene said.

“The response was massive, intense, and loud” the source said.

Credit: Submitted

A three-alarm fire ripped through Bristol Borough homes on the 600 Block of Spruce Street Tuesday morning.

One witness on scene said they saw a family of five running out of their home to escape the blaze.

Screaming sirens cut through the morning smoke, with onlookers crying as they stood mesmerized by the crazy morning scene of fire companies pouring into Bristol from every direction to battle the raging blaze, one witness described.

Preliminary reports said the fire dispatch came in around 6 am calling is a  “a tactical house fire.”

Police on scene, one source said, advised the fire was spreading to other homes on the block with heavy smoke showing when fire companies arrived on scene.

Second and Third alarms called for “manpower” as first arriving companies battled the blaze with firefighters from outside the three row homes, witnesses said.

Within 30 minutes it turned to three alarms and Buckley and Spruce cross-street blocked off by fire police. 

By 7am there were approximately 20 fire trucks within the confines of Bristol Borough as . 

Fire  companies from as far as Trevose are on hand to assist with firefighters who are now checking adjacent homes for damage and spread, said observers.

Cause of the fire as of 8 am was yet to be determined.

Details and updates as they come in

Joanne Ames contributed to this report.

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Breaking News - Bristol Borough

Exclusive: Video of Predator Poachers Encounter with Jailed Bristol Man Posted



Disclaimer: The following story and video might not be appropriate for those under the age of 18. Parental Discretion is advised 

The Predator Poachers video encounter with a Bristol man last month leading to his arrest was posted online recently. 

The, what appears to be the, terrified look, of 44 year-old William J. Rago Jr. is the feature image of the video

Rago was allegedly expecting  to have sex with a 13 year-old girl and was charged and jailed last month with the video posted to

The scene  played out just after two am on July 11th when Bristol police were dispatched to St Ann’s Church on Pond Street to meet with a group of subjects who were with Rago Jr., police said in court papers.

The more than one-hour video depicts the encounter from the beginning, ending with Rago being taken into Police custody by Borough officer “Jimmer” Ellis.

Credit: Screengrab

Rago Jr was charged with one felony count criminal attempt – statutory sexual assault: 4-8 years older, one felony count of criminal attempt – unlawful contact with a minor – sexual offenses, one felony count of criminal attempt – corruption of minors – defendant age 18 or above and criminal use of communication facility and remains in jail awaiting a September preliminary hearing.

To men 18 and over who think it’s ok to interact with minors in this way, the activist  group and law enforcement have responded with a resounding NO, in recent weeks





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