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Voice of the People Op-Ed: Opposition to Automated Traffic Enforcement

The following Voice of the People Op-ed was submitted to Lower Bucks Source byTom McCarey of Berwyn, PA and was edited only for style.  Automated Traffic Enforcement I am 100% opposed to automated traffic enforcement of any type, as well…

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Voice of the People: Repeal Act 38 of 2020: Modified Stop-Arm Camera Law Is Unjust

The following submission was submitted to the Lower Bucks Source "Voice of the People" Op-Ed section. The views and opinions expressed in the submission are those of the writer. The submission is in direct response to a story published on…

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We Cannot Truly Address Racial Injustice in Pa. without Fixing our Unfair Public School Funding System

The following Op-ed was jointly written by the following members of the PA House Democratic Caucus leadership team: Rep. Matt Bradford (Democratic Appropriations Chair), Rep. Jordan Harris (Democratic Whip), and Rep. Frank Dermody (Minority Leader).
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